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Holiday Edition: shift from promotion to gratitude

With holidays up on the calendar, it is often hard to make time to relax and recover as a small business owner. There's always some invisible force whispering in your ear to do more, push more, sell more - but I'm here to remind you that self-care in December is so important as a small business owner. If we push full steam ahead right into the new year we burn out, or worse, we forge forward with an empty battery until we crash. Self-care for small businesses isn't just about meditation and hot bubble baths, it's about setting boundaries, creating a connection with your audience or clients and spending time with gratitude.

In this month's broadcast:
  Blog on Self Care for Business Babes
Year-End Checklist for Small Business 
Free apps for daily self-care activity
Biz Babe highlight: Absolutely Knot Co
Neat things for Business Babes

Better Business Blogs 

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Self Care For Small Businesses

If you run a small business it’s been particularly tumultuous and depending on the industry you are in it's been up, down, left, right and inside out.

It is so important to take extra measures this year to ensure that you are not completely burnt out for the holiday season and the start of the new year. Check out the bottom of the list for some really fun ideas for your next zoom hangout!

1. Set Boundaries
2. Shift into Gratitude
3. Share and Connect
4. Spend Time with Hobbies
5. Get Creative with Connection

6. Rest without Guilt


Year-End Inspiration for Biz Babes

You did it business babes, you did so much! A full year (or less if you're newer!) has gone by and you've busted your butt growing your business.  Step 1, you deserve to celebrate, cheers to you! Check out the full checklist to get some closure on your year.

Celebrate • Review • Backup • Organize • Plan • Refresh

Go to Full Checklist >

Free apps for Self Care



A simple and cute gratitude journal that you can enter daily or whenever.


An easy way to keep track of the things that bring you joy everyday


Grow plants based on your habit development with this adorable app

Business Babe Highlight:

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Meet Jessie from Absolutely Knot Co! This fierce business babe makes the most charming home decor and accessories handmade from beautiful coloured fibre. Wall hangings, earrings and plant hangers that I'm pretty sure she designed from my dreams when I was sleeping. All of her products have this cozy aesthetic that adds character and creativity to any room of your home.

I wanted to highlight Jessie not only because I have her entire collection in my Etsy cart, but also because she is so dedicated to her local community of small businesses and has crazy hustle to get things done. She is one of the organizers of the recent Wildflower Market by De Novo and the amount of work that went into the backend of that market is astounding. 

Check out her Instagram here if you aren't already following her!

You can read or listen to the audio version. The free plan releases one 'blink' per day that you don't select but it's still a great way to keep learning in 15-minute bursts.

Check out this list of local Okanagan business babes that will inspire  your gift list this holiday season. There's also a blog for local Okanagan gifts for kids and self-care gift ideas.

Most free stock photos look like a stock photo, but Pexel has some really great imagery that you can use for free in your social media or small business marketing.

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