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6 simple ways to improve your small business marketing

Who are you selling to? Can you pick them out of a lineup? Or are you basing your business motivations off of your own experiences, and not seeing the results you want? Until we take the time to understand who we are trying to reach, we are just wasting time and energy in the wrong direction. Nobody wants to buy a product for a problem they don’t have.

Find your people

The internet is a big place. It is to your advantage to know how to find your people, and more importantly, make sure your people can find you. Whether you are a physical location with a geographically targeted audience or an online store fighting the entire internet for attention, understanding who you are selling to will improve your visibility to them.

Know your people

We make a lot of assumptions from the business end of the relationship. Ideas that seem brilliant but then flop when they are out in the world because nobody was really asking for that product or service. Taking the time to assess and break down what your customers pinch points and feelings are is a very helpful tool to guide your marketing and even your product development. Knowing why they feel that way can take you to a deeper understanding of what the issues that need to be solved are.

For a deep dive into understanding your customer, check out my downloadable Customer Breakdown Worksheet. Spend ten minutes and flush out your audiences goals, pain points, feelings, and motivations. You can print it off or fill it out digitally on DocHub.com

Understand what they care about

Once you have a better knowledge of who your customer is, you can use that information to guide your decisions in marketing and design. As your business grows and you develop different elements, like an email campaign or Facebook ad, you can refer to your breakdown to make sure your motivations are on the right track to align with your audience.

Articulate their problem for them

Build trust in your potential customers by letting them know exactly what problems you will solve for them. By taking the time to know what their goals and pinch points are, you may even be able to articulate a problem they didn’t know they wanted to be solved.

Stay focused

Keep your customers in mind when you are creating content. It can help to develop a voice for your brand that you can embody while you are writing or creating your content. Use this knowledge of your customers in your keyword research and SEO strategy to be there when your potential clients come looking for you online.

Shake some hands

The best way to get to know your customers is to actually get to know your customers. Conducting surveys and engaging in the comments can reveal some very valuable information. Talk to your friends and family about their related problem and interpretation of your solutions. Just keep talking and keep learning! Peak at your competitors and stay active in your fight for the attention and trust of your customers.

Download your free Customer Breakdown Worksheet, custom made to help guide you through the process of understanding your customer.

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