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Anchoring your small business in the online world

The key to a successful online business is having both social media and a website to solidify the trust in your online shoppers. Your social media creates a bond based on shared values and your website is a place to deliver the information your customer needs to make a choice to purchase or not.⁣⁣
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Your social media and website work both ways, if someone discovers you on social media they will likely investigate your website for purchasing. The same goes the other way, if someone comes across your website, they are likely to cross-reference your social media to gauge the authenticity of your business. ⁣⁣
It can feel overwhelming, but the basics of a website are the home page, products/services page, about page, and contact page. Simple! There are tons of user-friendly platforms that are free for starter websites, you can even use a pre-made template. 

As a small business it's imperative to carve out this space in the online world for your business. Your website, online shop, social media and other online platforms are the tools you use to connect with your customers.

Even as a brick and mortar shop, your customers need to be able to find and follow your business so that they can connect with you more often than just when they are in your building.

A website provides the information your customers need, such as your address or hours, but it also provides a space to build your brand out, to create and curate an intentional place that reflects your business.

Social media works it's magic by growing your community based on shared values. Creating a real human bond with your customers is so much more effective for building long lasting relationships than cold calling with paid ads.

What part of your corner of the internet needs a bit of dusting off or sprucing up? Take the time this week to look at your online space critically, and find a few areas of improvement or growth to work on for your business! ⁣

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