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Batch please.

I was told that multi-tasking is the key to being successful. THEY WERE WRONG.

This is what multi-tasking looks like:
I’ve been busy at my desk for 8 hours but I couldn’t tell you what I actually accomplished today if I tried. Like any entrepreneur or business owner, there are about 800 projects buzzing around my head.

When I sit down to work for the day I bounce from project to project, constantly distracted by another task that needs to be done. Then at the end of the day, everything is just slightly worked on and nothing is actually completed. This cycle continues forever and I’m eternally exhausted and feeling behind.

Sound familiar? Damn, I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully learning to batch your work can help you like it really helped me.

There are patterns in your never-ending to do list.

By batching together items that are similar and then focusing just on those items for the day, is it easier to stay focused and feel accomplished by the end of the day.

In a typical work week I have to create content, write blogs and other copy, work on marketing strategy, be present on social media, grow my online audience, improve my mailing list content, and on and on. It doesn’t end. Facing that list at the start of every week is absolutely daunting and overwhelming, and usually has us hopping from task to task to try and tackle everything at once.

When you batch your work properly, you can finish a whole month’s worth of content or blogs in one or two days instead of thinking about these things on a daily. This frees up so much time and mental space!

The first step is figure out what work you need to do.

Then, plan your work week around focusing on one type of task a day. For example, Monday could be your writing day, Tuesday is for building up your social media game, Wednesday is for creating content etc etc.

This gives you a full day of focused work, which means you will be more productive, less distracted and at the end of the day you’ll be left feeling like you actually got something done.

It can be hard to do at first if you are so used to multi-tasking. Your other tasks are calling to you from the other side of the room and sometimes you just need to step out of the daily theme to get something done.

Once you start to see those items on your list crossed off, you’ll get it. When you’re two months ahead on your blogs and you can just take that off your mind for another month or so, oh yeah, you’ll get it.

Keep up the good work batches.


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