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5 tips for better content creation on the go

1. Know what kind of content you want to provide

Take the time to understand the type of content that you want to provide for your audience. Create a handful of content streams or buckets that cover the general categories of what you are going to share on your social and online platforms. Provide content that is useful and interesting, but you can also have streams of a more personal side to your business or a behind the scenes look at your company. 

2. Take (remote) control of your photography

Get a remote control for your camera or phone and start taking better photos for your content immediately! Remote shutter control gives you the ability to step away and really get in front of the camera, take your time to pose, and then snap the shot. You can get ‘universal’ remote controls on Amazon for about $15, just check that it works with your camera. I got one with a 2 second delay button, which really opens up the kinds of poses you can get into before the shutter snaps.

3.Wireless camera transfer will change your life 

Invest in a camera that can wirelessly transfer to your phone via an app. This process saves so much time in content creation, and allows you to create and post while on the go. My Sony A6300 has the capability to send my photos to an app called Imaging Edge Mobile, which means that I can snap some great content and then edit and post it to my social channels without having to upload my sad card at a computer. Sometimes I post photos on the ride home from an event (assuming I’m not driving obviously.)

4. Editing in the palm of your hands

I was very sceptical of mobile editing programs at first, but now almost all of my social content is edited on my phone. Using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop mobile apps, I can edit the basic lighting, colour, geometry, and other effects like sharpening and vignette etc. You can also create presets for a more consistent branding across your content platforms. 

5. Have a content cache for easier planning

Use an app like Preview or Plann to schedule and plan your content on Instagram. Not only can you visually plan how it will look on your feed and schedule your text and publish date, you can also use these apps as a place to hold your content as you create it. Sometimes during a content creation session I have two photos that are similar, so I save one for a few weeks later when I my need a similar image to share my ideas with. 

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