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Canada Post Parcel Price Increases 2021

Canada Post announced that their parcel rates will increase on September 13, 2021, months earlier than the annual increase that usually takes place in January. 

These changes will affect anyone that uses that parcel package service, including changes to Domestic, USA and International parcels services.

Canada Post stated that the new prices are competitive and consistent with past years adjustments, in a price and service change notice posted on their website. 

The average price increase for domestic parcels will see a 3.5% increase and a 2.8% increase for USA/International.

Oversize surcharge will increase to $18 for items greater than 1m and for unpackaged items such as tires.

Out-of-spec surcharge for items that exceed maximum size or weight specifications will increase to $300.

What is a parcel?

(Measurements taken at longest point)

Length: 230 mm - 2 m
Width: 200 mm - 2 m
Height: 25 mm - 2 m
Weight: 100 g - 30 kg

What is oversize/out-of-spec?

An oversize items has any dimension exceeding 1m (39.4 inches) or more than 76 cm (30 inches) along the second longest side.

An out-of-spec item is one that exceeds maximum size or weight. Item will have a surcharge and may be refused.

Tips for measuring your parcel

Length: Longest side of your item
Width: Depth of your item
Height: Thickness of your item
Girth: The distance around the parcel: (width + height) x 2

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