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Hot tips for work-at-home business babes

Have your work and personal worlds come crashing together in the last year?! It is not an easy adjustment to make, especially when it's under such circumstances. I've been working from home for the past few years and wanted to share some of my insider tips for working from home.

1. Create a workspace that inspires you ✨🚀

Carve out space in your home that is designated for your "office." Surround yourself with things that you like (plants, pictures) and make room for all the items you need to get your work done. It's fine to work from the bed or couch some days but making yourself a little office space can help get you into a motivated and inspired mindset.

2. Shake off the bedroom vibes 🛌💥

It's easy to stay in PJs all day, but getting dressed into a fresh outfit is a solid foundation of that productive mindset. You don't have to put on skinny jeans or a blouse, some days I put on a fresh set of leggings and a baggy sweater and feel ready to take on the world! That being said, I also highly encourage you to dig deeper into your closet and wear some of those funkier pieces that rarely see the light of day.

3. Be cautious of productive procrastination 🤷‍♀️🤯

We all have a million home projects we wish we had time for, and being so close to them can be highly distracting to your actual work. For example, it's productive to my life to clean the kitchen in the morning and start work a little later, but it isn't the right kind of productive. It's a form of procrastination that feels good, keep an eye out for it!

How are you adjusting to working from home? What do you struggle with the most?
Please share your own tips, we could all use the extra help!

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