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Organic & authentic marketing tips for your small business

Marketing yourself as a small business can feel awkward and clumsy, what do you even say to convince your potential customers that you are the right fit for them? ⁣

Don't stress if you weren't born as an advertorial word-smith, you can still effectively market to your potential customers in a more organic and authentic way using social media.⁣

It's important that before you start pulling people toward you that you are ready to receive them. By this I mean having an established online space (website and social media) for your business that builds trust and a deeper bond with new followers - see previous post. ⁣

Organic marketing is all about authenticity and high engagement in social media. It is, afterall, called SOCIAL media. So start getting social! ⁣

1. Leave real comments, often. And by real I mean do not just comment an emoji or a 'nice!' because that's lame and it's lazy. It's also super not effective! But when you leave comments like ' wow I really like that colour, it reminds me of when I traveled to Mexico!' then you are more likely to start an actual conversation. It's also more likely that someone else will see this comment and follow through to check out your account. ⁣

2. Respond to stories! When you see something you love or makes you laugh, tell them. It means the world to small accounts and more importantly it helps to build an authentic community of followers. ⁣

3. Follow follow follow! Too many business accounts expect to gain followers just for being there. You need to take the time to curate your follow list so that you can work on building relationships with the right people and businesses. Your feed should reflect your community! ⁣

Okay now I'm going to give you some homework, sorry not sorry:⁣
Start tapping that like button more, leave authentic comments all over the place, and engage in conversation with the people and businesses that you follow and follow you. ⁣

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