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Small Business Refresh - website & social media checklists

When you hit a slow period in your business, take advantage of the quiet time and give your online space a refresh. Your small business is constantly growing and evolving, and your website and social media should reflect your current accomplishments and growth. 


 Review previous analytics
Take advantage of the analytics that your website platform provides, use this information to make better decisions about your marketing and audience. 

    Update your business' vision or mission
    Your website should reflect your current growth and success.

      □ Check that all links are working
      Ensure that all links are functioning and directing to the correct place.

        □ Contact page information correct
        Add and update any new methods to reach or connect with your business
           Test checkout/user experiences
          Move through your entire site as a new visitor, ask friends and family to do the same and provide feedback

          Test all pages in multiple browsers and devices

            Accessibility audit for readability
          Check your website for readability in the font size, colours and contrast 
            Upload newest assets 
          Collect and update any logos, imagery or branding that need to be refreshed
            Products updated and refreshed
          Rewrite descriptions with your audience in mind, update photos to include the products in action
            Navigation assessment
          Check that the menu system is clear and includes all important links
           Integrate social media channels
          Cross-pollenate your social media content on your website to add more personalization and rotating content on your website
            Check competition
          See what similar businesses are up to for some inspiration and motivation
            Identify your unique angle
          Highlight this in your website design, what makes you stand out from the rest?

           Test the checkout experience
          Customize your checkout for a more personal experience, and text for function

            A clear call to actions
          Utilize buttons and clear call to actions to guide your customers through the website and purchasing journey

           Confirm SSL and domain is secure
          Your website will appear as 'not secure' to users without a proper SSL certificate.

           Terms and services
          Adding terms and services for your business operations can save you legal trouble down the road.

            Shipping policies 
          Stating shipping policies within your website can help clarify the process without having to go through check out to find out.

          SOCIAL MEDIA

           □ Quick pitch on all platforms
          Your profile 'bio' should include who you are and what you do, preferably where you do it too. This helps new followers know who you are without digging through your posts. 

          □ Brand recognition 
          Using the same logo or image for all platforms helps your audience to quickly identify you and your content. 

           Contact information
          Make it easy for your audience to get a hold of you, provide your preferred contact info in your profile.

           Save and curate Hashtags lists
          Create a note or text document and save the hashtags that you know you use frequently 

          □ Identify your target audience
          Take the time to know who you are talking to when you post to your social media. It will help to create better content and inspire your brand's voice.

          □ Sync with your website
          Your social media and website should work together to encouraging people to explore your products or services. 

          □ Create a new content strategy
          Using the knowledge and experience you have, create an intentional content strategy that serves your audience 

          Create Content banks
          Once you know what kind of content you want to produce, use quiet times to fill those content banks for later (even just ideas)

          □ Check analytics
          Utilize the analytics that your social media platforms provide to better understand your audiences.


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