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To blog or not to blog as a small business?

Adding a blog to your website has so many benefits to your business, and it doesn't have to feel like pulling teeth. In fact, you can use your blog content for your social media or newsletter and provide all your audiences with great content with less work on your end. 

Here's a three reasons why you should add a blog to your website:

1. Improves SEO.

When you add multiple pages/blogs to your website that are littered with your SEO keywords, the search engines are more likely to suggest your website to a searcher. You website becomes a library of articles on the subject of your business, products and industry, and gradually becomes more recommended by search engines.

The main job of a search engine, like Google or Yahoo, is to provide the searcher with suggestions that are most likely to be the right search. If you website only has your product key words mentioned a few times here and there, it's not likely to be suggested at the top of the search engine lists. 

2. Provides engaging content for all platforms

By providing articles that are informational and interesting to your customers it creates a website that people want to spend more time on. Create blogs that inform your customers about how to use your products, the benefits or features. Entertain your readers with stories about your industry, fun facts or behind the scenes. Be aware of the questions that your customers are already searching for and create blog posts around those topics.

Once published, each blog post is an individual page that can be shared to social media to draw more traffic to your site. You can share the post to Facebook as a link that leads directly back to your website, or make an Instagram post or two from the content of the blog. 

3. Establishes your expertise.

When you can demonstrate your knowledge in the product or industry that you sell it helps to build trust with your online customers. A well-rounded website with a library of articles showcases the experience and expertise of a business to a new potential customer. 

 Most website platforms have a blog feature that you can utilize to expand your reach and improve your SEO. And remember, you don't have to publish a blog every week or month to start a blog, just start it and add to it when you can if you can't do it regularly. 


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