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Turn your story into an amazing About Us page

Writing an About Us page can feel like pulling teeth sometimes. You need to effectively sell yourself and align with your customers values at the same time. Pass me the pliers..

But it can be painless though, once you have an understanding of the basic elements of what you need for an About Us or Mission Statement page on your website.

Know your audience.

Your About Us page is about you, but it’s also about highlighting the parts of you and your business that will attract your potential customers. Knowing who your customers are will help to guide you through various decisions in your business. This knowledge of your customer can determine how you develop your brand’s voice, to be used when writing your About Us page but also in your social media and blogs posts and other customer facing text. When you understand who you are talking to it becomes easier to dictate your message effectively.  

Understand what you place value in.

What seems like common practice to you, being on time for example, could be a deciding factor when your client is choosing between you and your competition. If being timely is important to them as well they will feel more aligned to your company values. Another example is if you are selling a vegan product, your customers will be more inclined to buy from your business if they see that you are also living a vegan lifestyle that they hold value in.

There is a sea of competition online and highlighting your values is a great way to make you stand out from other companies with similar products or services. It creates a trust and gives your potential clients more confidence in their choice to invest in your business. It’s the same reason we feel drawn to buy from local companies instead of big corporate ones, we know the story and fee closer to the business.

How can you help?

Your future customers are looking for you, what problem are they trying to solve when they hit the search bar? Establish that you understand what the problems your customer faces are and explain how you provide solutions that align with their values.

Tell your Story.

An About Us page isn’t just saying what you can do for them, it’s also telling the story of how you became the right person to provide that product or service. Humans love stories, we consume them constantly as our media and when we catch up with friends. It doesn’t have to be a grand story and it’s okay if your story strayed from the path that eventually got you here. That’s part of what got you here and if it fits into your brand then use it. In my own brand and About Me page I leverage my history and love of the ocean. Kelp Forest Commerce is rooted in my history as a scuba diver and you can see my passion in that story. The pacific ocean kelp forests have zero to do with my business of helping people grow online, but it’s my story.

Your story makes you unique and it inspires trust in your customers. Make it personal, keep it on brand and be honest in your storytelling. 

Stir up some inspiration.

I've created a Share Your Story Worksheet if you would like some guidance in pulling this information from yourself and then shaping it into something readable. It's a free download, the first page is a brainstorming worksheet and the second page has steps on how to apply that information into an About Us or Mission Statement. Click here to download the guide to writing an amazing About Us page and happy storytelling!

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