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Why your small business needs to be online, but not on every platform.

Now more than ever it is so critical to be present online and keep your customers up to date. Not just to sell your products and services but to build and maintain a connection with the humans on the other side of the screen. ⁣

Your customers don't have the time or mental energy to go check the website of every business they want to support, but they are on social media and you can place yourself where they are already spending time! ⁣

There are two branches to social media in my mind, the informational and the personal. The informational side is things your customer may need, such as your business hours, products or prices, services, address etc. People will search you out online for your information. ⁣

The more interesting and important branch of social media is the personal and social side! This is the human side, the part of a business you really connect with. Think of the accounts you follow and the ones that you make a connection with based on your intrinsic values. We connect more with smaller businesses because we often see the people behind the business and can relate on more levels! ⁣

It's not necessary to jump in front of the camera (but I always encourage it) and you can show your human side without actually showing people if you're too camera shy. Show your humanity in your content, in your text and descriptions. Maybe it's a photo of your product next to your morning coffee, but your description could be a bit more personal than just a product description. ⁣

Be brave babes! It takes practice to build confidence and to build your brand voice but keep it up and you'll be making meaningful connections through social media in no time. ⁣

Now, I'm not sure about you, but I never learned to juggle. So when I started my own business and was suddenly faced with juggling all the social platforms and online spaces I was super overwhelmed! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit the list goes on! How could a one-woman business manage all of these platforms?!⁣⁣
Well I'm going to let you in on a little secret: you don't have to, and you shouldn't juggle it all. It truly is not about learning how to juggle more balls, it's about learning how to choose the right balls to juggle, and then getting really good at juggling those few. ⁣⁣
So how do you choose which social platforms to juggle? Each business is going to be different, but the important thing is choosing the platforms that make sense for you, for your business and for where your customers are already spending time.⁣⁣
For example if you sell a product or service that is targeted to an older audience, you would probably want to focus your content and marketing toward Facebook instead of TikTok or Twitter because that's where your audience is already hanging out. ⁣⁣
Choose platforms that makes sense for you, and your business. Not every business will benefit from a YouTube channel, and some businesses just don't make sense with a Pinterest account. It's about figuring out what works best for your unique social media strategy. ⁣⁣
If this is still all very overwhelming, please shoot me a message! I live for content strategy :)⁣⁣

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