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Okanagan Co-working Spaces - guide to Kelowna & Vernon

I've worked really hard to be able to live the lifestyle that I do, to have the freedom of working from home. But while the list of pros of working from home is very long, on the con list is that being alone or in your own home all day for work can have negative effects. Even if you have your own office at home, you are still in the same space and less likely to go outside or experience other people. 
If you work from home and are looking to find a co-working space near you, check out the list below for some of the options available in the Okanagan area. 



Vernon CoWorking
"Coworking is about getting out of your home office and enjoying the company of other people. It’s a great way to collaborate, learn from others, and get your work done (free from the distractions at home)."

They don't currently accept drop-ins, but you can apply. 

Tambellini Design Studio
"If you are seeking a collaborative work environment and are building your small business we have the perfect space for you! We offer full time or part-time desk rentals, and have created a great space that is flexible and can change with your company needs."
Located on Kalamalka rd, they have limited spaces available.

Bean Scene

Upstairs has a large table, and some other chairs and tables. This is a good spot for a comfortable working space.



This coffee shop is a bit more pricey, but there is a nice area to work upstairs.

The Library

The library is free is to visit and can be a great space to work in, but sometimes connecting to the internet can be tricky. 


There are some nice booths at this coffee shop, and it has a really cool hip vibe.  They close at 4 pm though so it is not a great place for after-work or later sessions.  


Typical Starbucks, not that comfortable to work at but they are open later.




Bean Scene

Bean Scene is a downtown coffee shop that takes its coffee seriously. They roast their own beans, and bake their own goods! There are multiple locations open now. 


Downtown chain coffee shop that is open late. Smaller in size but great if you need a space after closing hours. The one on Pandosy street is open until 10 pm.


Most are open late and have a large table for group work. Nothing special, just what you expect at any Starbucks.



"coLab is a shared coworking space for independent professionals and startup founders who crave social contact."
Membership starts at $30/month for an hour meeting room and one day of 'hot-desking' and up to $425 for your own desk and many more meetings.

"alternawork is a communal cowork facility serving the thriving tech community, offering private offices, dedicated workstations, shared boardrooms, and event space."
$450 per month for a desk.

"You only pay for the number of desks you use, choose your own permanent desk or sit wherever you’d like each day through a hot-desking setup, available on a first-come, first-served basis."
Their website makes it hard to get prices, you have to ask to request it by giving them your email, which is annoying to me. Even after requesting the information, I got an email asking for more information.
Coming soon..

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