We've changed our name!

Kelp Forest Co =
Grow & Behold Digital

Don't worry we are still the same team of dedicated experts, ready to help you grow your business online.

Same people, same services, just a new name :)

Why did we change our name?

Kelp Forest Co was a name that meant a lot to me, as a Pacific Coast mermaid and an admirer of the ocean ecosystems that worked together to grow - just like I work together with business owners to grow online. But it just doesn't make a lot of sense outside of the oceanic metaphor and it doesn't immediately convey what I do or my values as a business.

Grow & Behold is more aligned with where my business is today and with the vision that I have for this business. I've always loved helping businesses to Grow online and then watching them as they take the reins and continue their journey (Behold!)

Last year I started a podcast, the Business Babes Broadcast, where I talk with women business owners about their unique business journeys and the stresses and successes along the way. The podcast name was based on the monthly email that I sent out, hence the broadcast. But having two completely separate businesses has been stretching me thin and I am so excited to move forward with a business and a podcast that share the same name and can help each other grow.

It's been a ton of work (and stress) to make this decision and follow through with all the changes needed to rename a business after 4 years. But I'm confident and so excited for this next chapter!

My goal for the next year is to build the Grow & Behold team and start partnering with other talented businesses. I want to provide extended services and more rounded packages, such as social media management, graphic design, photography and other services to help you grow online with confidence and a supportive team you can count on.

Thanks for being a part of this chapter, this is only the beginning! I look forward to growing with you xo