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Planning for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Keep Showing Up!

The holiday season is here (oh I see you on Instagram with your tree up already!) and so is the consumerism that comes with it. But this year there has been an even bigger push to support  small or local for the holidays, and if you have a small business you should be planning to take part in all that action. Don't let the tidal wave of other sales intimidate you, focus on what you have to offer to your people and your community. Don’t just stand on a box and scream in bold font that you have a sale, share your products and services with a story. 


Better Business Blogs 

Reading a newspaper

To BCFM or not to BCFM?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are historically some of the biggest days for commerce and ecommerce business, and this year is not going to be any different. Despite everything going on in the world, people are still looking to buy gifts for the holiday season, and November is the time to delight your customers and followers with a promotion or sale, especially if you primarily sell online. To get the most out of your BFCM weekend promotions take the time to construct some well-throughout and user-focused promotional ideas that lean on the trust that you’ve been building all year long. 

Check out Shopify's BFCM Hub!

Shopify knows that Black Friday /Cyber Monday is a huge opportunity for businesses, so they've put together this resource hub full of tips and tools for your best BFCM yet.

It gets updated weekly so check back often.

Go to Shopify BFCM Hub

Resources for Black Friday/Cyber Monday



BFCM Templates on Canva

Create professional looking advertising and marketing in moments with these templates!


Schedule your Social Media

Plan ahead and then stepback and breath again. Hootsuite has up to three accounts on the free plan (1xInstagram, 1xFacebook 1xTwitter)


Create Custom Countdowns

If you know how to emned a widget on your site you can create a custom countdown for the end of your sales!

Create Custom Countdown


Business Babe Highlight:

 Alternate text

Meet Melissa from Touch of Elegance Studio and Training! This badass business babe is growing so quickly I can hardly keep up! She provides big beautiful lashes locally, and also specializes in brows, freckles and lips! And you can train under Melissa too, check out her new website for all her training information.

We just launched her new website in October, it's a simple and elegant place for her customers and clients to stay up to date with prices and services. We implemented an email list subscription service, and now her VIP list is receiving all her promotions straight to their inbox. Sign up here!


Neat Things for Business Babes


Brene Brown's new podcast based on the book.  She is one of my favourite voices to learn vulnerability from. 

Coffee shop

Check out this list of local Okanagan business babes that will inspire self care and your gift list this holiday season.


This badass babe and pioneer drummer played a big part in the acceptance of female musicians. She recently passed away at age 107.

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