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Shopify 101: Everything You Need to Know

The Shopify platform has everything you need to be a fully operational online store; marketing, payment processing, secure checkout, shipping and an amazing support team if you ever need help navigating the platform. 


Shopify is sort of like a mall of online stores that lives on the internet. You as a store owner would rent a space from the mall, and the mall provides your store with electricity and heat and a space to showcase your products. The mall does not own any of your products, and it does not manage your store or your customers. The mall (Shopify) provides you with a space to set up your store, and all the tools that you need to be a successful business. But Shopify is more than just a place to host your store, and that's why they are the top platform that I recommend to my clients. 


Not only does Shopify have what you need to sell your products (secure checkout, fraud analysis, payment processing) but they are also a company that really wants to see their merchants succeed.

There are over 100 website design themes (both free and paid) that make creating your store a breeze. There are also other beneficial features you can access from within your Shopify dashboard, such as starting a blog to bring more traffic to your site, or creating a newsletter subscription for your business to keep your customers updated on new products and promotions. 


If you sell in person as well as online, you can integrate all your sales and inventory into one convenient place! Simply input all of your inventory into your Shopify store, and then use the free Shopify POS card reader with the Shopify POS app and all your transactions will take place within your Shopify store. Having all your store's elements in one place means that you can get a complete picture of how your business is doing. 


To be successful in online sales, you need to sell where your customers already are. With a Shopify account you will not only be able to sell from your online store, but also from a number of other sales channels too! From your Dashboard you can create a Facebook or Messenger Buy Button so that your customers can purchase straight from your social media pages.

With a Shopify Point of Sale card reader you can also sell your products in person, or set up a sales channel on Amazon, eBay and Pinterest. Expand your sales channels and reach your audience in the places that they are already hanging out. 


If you have one technical bone in your body, you can create your own Shopify store. The setup for a new store is quick and super user friendly! Shopify guides you through the process of building your store, and then continues to support you with tips for growth. They also have an incredible support team for all your important questions.

Shopify has a number of different plans from $9/month and up, but before you commit to anything give it a try! 

Experience the user-friendly store set up, play around and start growing your business online today! Click below to start building your store! Enjoy a free 3-day trial and then pay $1/month for the first 3 months, because you deserve it <3



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