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Seek new perspectives for better inclusion

Taking on diversity and inclusion as a small business is daunting and if you’re just a single person or a small group of people running a business it can feel like maybe you don’t need to think about diversity as much, what impact do you even have? (Spoiler alert, a big one!) While I was doing my research for this broadcast I saw a gap in resources for tiny businesses - there are a lot of podcasts and articles about diversity and inclusion as a corporation or as a business that’s large enough to hire a diversity manager, but not much on how to incorporate these things into our own lives to lead a more diverse-minded business. My focus for this broadcast and the blog on diversity is to open up your mind to the ways that we can start to think differently and more inclusively.

There is no quick fix for the issues that have evolved around diversity, inclusion and belonging in our world, but we can all commit to making a difference on an independent level, and it spreads from there. By living a more diverse and inclusion-focused life we can start to lead a business that reflects those values, even in just the smallest ways. Those small actions when let loose into the world can grow and inspire others to make similar commitments in their personal worlds. It’s about committing to do better on an individual base so we can do better as a whole.

Broadcast Summary:
Diversity & Inclusion as a small business
Create Content Buckets for easier content
Biz Babe Highlight: Amy from Play Grow Dough


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Discussion: diversity & inclusion as a small business

Commit to making a difference on an independent level, and it spreads from there. By living a more diverse and inclusion-focused life we can start to lead a business that reflects those values, even in just the smallest ways.
- Seek new perspectives, stay open minded.
- Apply these principles to your small business.
- Take personal actions first, let it carry forward.
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Content creation made easier

If making content for your small business is draining your mental energy and wasting your time as you pace around trying to think of what to post.. I would strongly suggest taking the time to understand your content buckets, and then fill them up!
Once you take the time to understand what kind of content is most beneficial to you and your followers the ideas and inspiration will flow and you can plan your content with ease.
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Brainstorm now, stress less later

Once you've decided what it is that you want to post (see blog Content Creation Made Easy) you can create content "buckets" that help to keep your organized, on-brand and on-track with what you want to be posting about. 


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Business Babe Highlight:
 Amy from Play Grow Dough

Meet Amy from Play Grow Dough! This Okanagan mama and business babe first caught my eye on Instagram because their products are so fun and bright and they immediately inspire the creative cogs in my mind. Their products are handcrafted, eco friendly and dyed with plants which I think is super cool. I have continued to be inspired by Amy since following Play Grow Dough on social media, they provide honesty and vulnerability about parenting (and life) and really fun looking ideas for sensory play inspiration.

1. What inspired you to take this journey in business?
I had just moved to Vernon after living in Calgary for over 13 years and I was a stay at home Mom for the first time. I wasn't able or really wanting to go back into the same work I did in Calgary and I needed something that was my own thing. My daughter was getting to the age of starting to play with play dough and I really didn't like the store stuff so I started making my own. Then I wanted to make it more natural and started exploring ways to add to her sensory play time. I loved creating and experimenting and seeing how much fun she was having, and so I decided to see if other people would like it too!

2. What surprised you the most about running a small business? (good or bad)
Honestly I was so surprised by the community that comes with running a small business! People have been so nice and so supportive and encouraging. I've met and made friends and even created fun collabs with other local businesses. It has made it even more fun for me!

3. How do you decompress when you are working too much or feeling overwhelmed?
I take my fur baby and we get out for a walk. Fresh air and trees and staying off social media always helps me reset.

4. What are you watching/listening to recently? 
Watching: Firefly Lane, Modern Family and Surviving Death
Listening to: Maximalized Minimalist, The Confessional with Nadia Volz Webber 

Reading: The Silver Chair in the Narnia series, just finished The Horse and His Boy.

5. What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Coffee and how thankful I am for my little family.

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