Shopify Summer 2022 Updates

Shopify Summer 2022 Updates

Shopify updates are here just in time to make the most of your platform this summer! Here are a few highlights of the 2022 Summer Updates, full list of updates can be found here. 



Find New Customers

Shop Cash Rewards

The Shop Pay app just got better! If you aren't already using the Shopify Shop Pay app you should definitely check it out; it's like a market place for Shopify stores that you can browse, like Etsy. Once a customer is on the shop app, they will be given the option of quick checkout every time they use a Shopify store website/checkout. This means that as a customer as soon as you enter your email in the checkout you are texted a confirmation code, once entered all your saved information is automatically entered (shipping, credit card etc) for a faster shopping experience. 

With Shop Cash Rewards you can find new customers that are already using the app. Shopify will be giving away a bunch of Shop cash rewards to buyers and as a store you can create offers using Shop Cash Boosts. Feature may not be available in every region.

Twitter Shopping

You can now sell your products directly from your Twitter profile. Simply add the Twitter sales channel to utilize this feature. (US ONLY)


This new Shopify app is designed to make building affiliate relationships easy, and it's free! With Dovetail you can create custom affiliate application forms, evaluate and approve new applicants, monitor sales and leads generated by your affiliates, create referral links and pay commissions all in one place. 


A new shoppable "Link In Bio" option! This free tool is powered by Shopify's fast and secure checkout and is super simple to setup. You can highlight your products, gift cards, website, blog, playlists or other external links. 

Convert More Customers

Discount Combinations

Now you can finally combine discounts on the same order. Adjust this setting in each individual discount settings. (Not available everywhere, as of June 22, 2022 I don't see it on my stores in Canada.)

Pre - Orders

New apps make it easier than ever to create preorder and 'try before you buy' orders.

New Design: Apps and Sales Channels

You may notice the dashboard and admin area looks a bit different when you login to Shopify. The main difference in terms of function is the Apps Launcher and Pinning.

Apps Launcher

Instead of having the Apps and Sales Channels listed in your dashboard menu, they are now shown in a drop down menu from the top of the page. Select the app that you want to use from this list and it will launch the app.

Pinning Apps

While the app is open you can pin the app to the dashboard menu for quick access to the apps that you use the most. 

Shopify Fulfilment

If your business is eligible you can join the Shopify Fulfilment Network and start offering guaranteed two-day delivery to your customers all over North America. his allow you to forget about shipping and order fulfilment so that you can focus on growing the business. Learn more

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