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Shopify tips for BFCM and the Holidays 2022

The sales are coming, the sales are coming! 
Is your Shopify store ready for the influx of traffic and sales during the holiday season? Here's a quick checklist to get you ready for the busiest shopping season of the year. 

Sales Channels

Make sure you are utilizing and familiar with the sales channels on your store. Here are some suggested sales channels to install and setup.

☐ Facebook (includes Instagram)

☐ Shop

☐ Pinterest

☐ Ebay

☐ Google

Pick Up / Delivery Options

Give your customers more ways to get their hands on your products, even if just for the holiday season. To change your delivery and pickup settings go to Settings and then Shipping and Delivery to make the adjustments.

☐ Enable delivery zone, you can control the delivery area to what you are comfortable with

☐ Enable order pick up, you can control the day and time for pickup

Discount Code Campaigns

Shopify has some great options for discount code campaigns! You can select certain collections or products to limit the discount to, you can set an end date for a discount code that expires, and you can call the code whatever you want! To create a discount campaign go to Discounts in the main menu of your Shopify dashboard.

☐ Create exclusive discount for social media followers

☐ Send a VIP code to your email list

☐ Use a "Buy One Get One" to encourage higher conversions on your website announcement bar at the top. It can be buy one get one for 2% off, or whatever parameters you want to set for your discount

Get into Email Marketing

The Shopify Email app is free for the first 2,500 emails per month, and then it is $1 USD for every 1,000 emails you send. That means you can send your customers an email blast with exclusive content or deals. Reward them for being a subscriber or customer!

☐ Hype them up! Send out an email before you send out the actual campaign to drive some excitement

☐ send an exclusive discount code to your email list

☐ create a gift guide to send your subscribers, detail the different products that you have and how they make great gifts

☐ set up your Abandoned Cart email to reel them back in. You can set up an automatic email to send out to customers who left items in the cart but didn't. complete the purchase. Customize it to make it more personal. 

Create Bundles

Make gift giving easy for your customers when you create bundles they can't resist. Bundle products with a theme or just as a savings opportunity (it doesn't have to be massive discounts to make it feel like they re getting a deal.)

☐ Put together a Bundle for him/her/mom/dad/teen or whoever your products would make a great gift for. You can use an app to create live bundles or you can just adjust your inventory and create a new product that includes multiple items. 

Offer Gift Cards

Gift certificates are a great gift idea that provides an opportunity to let them shop for their own favourite products. To create a gift card, go to Products in your main Shopify dashboard menu, and then Gift Cards.

☐ Create a gift card, it's the perfect solution for the indecisive buyer or the picky shopper. Make sure you promote them as a product just like your other product. 

☐ Push your gift cards again in the last few days or weeks before Christmas, gift cards are electronic so there's no shipping or delay in when they can give the gift card. 

Whatever you do for this holiday and sales season will be great, just make sure you start early if you can and don't be shy about sharing and hyping up your sales!



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