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Exploring digital accessibility

Make your website a space for everyone.

I've spent a lot of time on the internet, and only after I started researching digital accessibility did I realize how privileged my experience online has been. We often think about accessibility in the physical world, like if a store has a ramp for wheelchair access, but fail to see the places online that are left inaccessible to so many people. A little bit of education on the subject can bring a lot of light to the barriers that we inadvertently put up for our online community. 

Goal: Your website should be comprehensive for all people and cater to a diverse range of devices, skill sets, situations, and hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities.

Broadcast Summary:
What is Online Accessibility ?
Basic accessibility checklist
Tools: Test your online accessibility
Biz Babe Highlight: Abby from We Are Jane 


Blogs: Online accessibility for small business

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What is digital accessibility and why does it matter?

Being accessible online means having a website or online space that is available regardless of someone's age, abilities, device, or situational limitations. Some accessibility barriers are apparent, but sometimes we are either too busy-minded or naive to understand all the limitations that our website could have to someone that has a different perspective than the one that we have experienced....


10 tips for better online accessibility for small biz

1. All page titles are clear and descriptive to orientate people that are using a screen reader.
2. Add Alt Text on all of your images to add a description for people who don’t see.
3. Test out your Keyboard navigation for anyone that can’t use a mouse.
4. Make sure that text size is large enough to be readable, and is zoomable.

Choose function over fashion

Users with a visual impairment may have a partial or total inability to perceive colour contrasts. Choosing the fonts and colours intentionally for your website is an important part of being inclusive to all persons. 

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Tips & Tools for Accessibility


Use this free browser tool to see what your website looks on a variety of different devices. It's free to use and is helpful for mobile accessibility.  



Coffee shop

Use this simple tool to check for accessibility issues that you might not have considered. This was my score before I made some changes!




Make sure your text is readable by everyone with this simple free browse tool to check the contrast  and colours of your website copy.


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Business Babe Highlight:
Abby from We Are Jane

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Meet Abby from We Are Jane! Behind this Kamloops-based collective is a group of inspiring artisans and makers that create beautiful and empowering goods for sale. This all-female collective is more than just an online store, and with Abby at the head of the social media ship their account has become a comfortable friend and a place that is refreshingly honest about the real-life things that we all going through. 

1. What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Work! Yikes. My mind usually resumes my to-do list from the day before.

2. If you could deliver a time-travelling note, what would you tell yourself five years ago?
I'd tell myself that you'll still never have all the answers about your life in 5 years and not ever. So you might as well have fun and ease up a little bit!

3. What inspired you to take this journey in business?
I was in a phase of "what next?" in my life and also feeling really inadequate and full of self-doubt. But seeing other female entrepreneurs on the Internet inspired me to say, "if they can do it, so can I." And I set out to prove it to myself. I'm here to inspire other womxn to chase their big ideas, too.

4. How do you decompress when you are working too much or feeling overwhelmed?
I watch a show with my boyfriend, usually Mad Men. Or you might find me playing video games if I really need to switch off my brain but don't want to nap. The OG Roller Coaster Tycoon from 1999 is a throwback favourite right now!

5. What are you focused on learning right now?
Business-wise, I'm focused on learning more about marketing and branding, but life-wise I'm focused on digging into shadow aspects of myself and riding the wave of life rather than trying to control it.

Follow We are Jane on Instagram or check out their website!



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