Shopify Editions 2023

Shopify Updates 2023

Shopify has released a series of exciting updates that will bring a range of new features and enhancements to the platform for Summer 2023. These updates have been designed with the primary goal of assisting merchants in improving their online business and expanding their reach to a wider audience. 

Among the new features that have been introduced is an Admin Makeover that will increase efficiency and streamline the dashboard. Additionally, there are enhanced marketing tools and new Shopify apps, along with other exciting features.

These updates are expected to bring significant benefits to Shopify's merchants, helping them to grow their businesses and succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

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Admin Makeover

With a design and settings makeover, Shopify is giving us major functional vibes! Intuitive updates like a streamlined dashboard and improved search bar capabilities make admin more efficient. There are new fonts and icons for a more approachable design, and the bulk editor has been updated to improve efficiency.

AI Sidekick (coming soon!)

What if you could have access to round-the-clock, intelligent and insightful advice on all your business decisions? The AI Sidekick is just that - a business partner you can rely on to answer questions, help you problem-solve, and tackle time-consuming and difficult tasks. Sidekick can make theme changes, assist with marketing campaigns, update products, create discounts, analyze store performance, and more!

Shopify Marketplace (Free to install)

Continuing with the efficiency theme, you can now connect your Shopify products to other marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or Etsy. The best part is you can still manage all of your listings directly in Shopify, keeping inventory, orders, and fulfillment, all in one handy and familiar location.


Shopify Subscriptions (Coming Soon)

With the aim of increasing revenue and building customer loyalty, this upcoming free app by Shopify helps you offer your products as subscriptions. Customers can create an account and will have the ability to pause and skip orders and update payment and shipping details. If you require even more advanced subscription offerings, Shopify has you covered - just check out their App Store for more advanced options. 

Shopify Bundles

Would you like to increase your average order value and offer a better buyer experience for your customers? Then check out the Shopify Bundles App, another free app from Shopify, now in full release. You can create and sell bundles of your products, as fixed or multi-packs, to increase average order rates. The app integrates the admin with an inventory syncing feature, making sure you don’t oversell.

B2B Features (Shopify Plus only)

Ordering shouldn’t just be easy for your direct customers - wholesale buyers deserve some love as well! The new B2B features make it easier to sell to both parties from the same shop. Tailored contect like volume pricing, quick order lists, and vaulted credit cards make working with business customers a dream.


Shopify Collective (Available to select businesses in the U.S.A.)

Are there other Shopify brands out there that align with your business? Why not join forces on the Shopify Collective! You could add products from other Shopify brands to your store, sell to your customers, and earn a margin of the profit. Added bonus: you don’t have to worry about managing the added inventory or shipping! You could alternatively become a Supplier and sell your products through other retailers on the Collective, thereby growing your customer base.

Flex Sections (Available Later this Year)

Repeat after us: complete customization. That’s right, Shopify is bringing the goods with the Online Store Editor. You can make magic (and a unique storefront!) using Flex Sections to create multi-directional responsive layouts. Edit content with the drag-and-drop, resize, or group options to put your unique stamp on your store.


New changes can take time to get used to, especially when they happen all at once! But don’t let the updates throw you off - in the long-run, these added features are going to help you level-up your business.

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